Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Xtraice Home Use

Xtraice Home is the the world’s first training-grade synthetic ice designed by hockey players for hockey players with the approval of USA Hockey.

Xtraice Home synthetic ice comes in modular panels so you can put it in your basement, garage, or even your backyard. Any hard, flat surface will suffice.

Yes. Xtraice Home is designed to be used with hockey skates.

Skating on any surface, even ice dulls blades.  Skating on Xtraice Home will require that you sharpen twice as often as usual but nowhere near as often as synthetic ice products of the past.

Maintenance and Installation Questions

No.  Xtraice Home has its own lubricant built in and it is released as the skate makes contact with the surface.  After a couple of minutes of skating you will notice a decrease in resistance.

Just a hard, flat surface.  A thin layer of carpet or foam is also useful since it will keep the bottom side of the panels clean. Both sides can be used, so years later, you can flip the surface and start over again.

No zamboni necessary! Xtraice Home is extremely dense synthetic ice and all scratches to the surface are merely superficial. We recommend keeping the surface covered when it´s not being used and sweeping it after use.  See our maintenance video for more info.

Yes. Xtraice Home is designed to withstand heat, cold and sunlight.  Backyard surfaces should be covered and cleaned more often.  See our maintenance video for more info.

Xtraice Home lasts a long time.  A properly cared for surface can last more than 10 years.