Our Philosophy.

Our approach.

Founded in 2003 with the aim of providing an ecological alternative to traditional ice in warmer climates, Xtraice, synthetic ice manufacturers, quickly became the industry leader in synthetic ice rinks, with rinks in more than 95 countries around the globe. As we received more and more attention from NHL teams and hockey players looking to train year-round, our engineering department created a program with one specific goal: crafting a product specifically suited to the technical demands of hockey.  The result of that program is Xtraice Home.  

Xtraice Home is the world’s first training-grade synthetic ice designed by hockey players for hockey players with the approval of USA Hockey.

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The Xtraice Commitment

Xtraice is committed to the development of the next generation of hockey players and their world.  Our aim is to provide the means with which through hardwork and dedication they can reach the upper limits of their potential, despite their access to ice rinks. Xtraice is 100% recyclable and requires no energy.